Hire full-time employees in 150+ countries

With Deel as your Employer of Record, talent knows no borders.
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Using EOR/PEO hiring, you can bring on full-time employees in any country without setting up a separate legal entity.

Easily hire full-time employees anywhere in the world

When you partner with Deel as your EOR (Employer of Record) we hire the employees on your behalf, saving you the cost and time of setting up a local entity.

Manage everything in one place

Whether they are full-time employees or contractors manage all your team's payroll and compliance through Deel. If necessary, you can switch a contractor to a full-time employee in a couple of clicks, and let us take care of the rest.

Hire through Deel and get access to

Support from a local PEO 
Cross-border HR benefits
15 payment service providers
Easy, centralized payroll for international teams
International payments in 150+ countries
Customized full-time contracts
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