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Global payroll, tax, benefits, and compliance for your worldwide team
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Fast-track hiring with Deel as your Employer of Record

Our worldwide network of local entities lets Deel hire employees on your behalf, saving you time, money, and the trouble of setting up a legal entity.

Fast-track hiring with Deel as your Employer of RecordFast-track hiring with Deel as your Employer of Record
Built-in compliance

Payroll, compliance, and taxes, all handled.

Teams of legal experts navigate the maze of local laws, so you don't have to. We handle compliance, taxes, payroll, benefits and streamline the entire experience for you and your employees.

IP Protection

Control day-to-day operations and protect your IP

Maintain full control of all employees' Intellectual Property and day-to-day operations. Plus, total flexibility on holidays, probation periods, and more.

Localized benefits

Get great benefits, health insurance, and 24/7 support

Keep your team happy with a competitive benefits package. They'll be able to quickly onboard in minutes and get access to personalized, around-the-clock support.

Streamlined processes

Onboard, manage, and pay in one place

Generate, send, and sign contracts in seconds. Access every employee's data and tax documents in one place—even fund payroll with one bulk payment.

Onboard, manage and pay in one place

As a founder, I work with people all over the world throughout the year. Deel has been a game changer to reduce the headache in onboarding and managing different hours/terms and payday.

Steven Ellis · CEO of Pipeline