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Billing is monthly and you don’t need a credit card to sign up.
You'll only be charged once you've paid your new team member.

$49 per contractor per month

Hire contractors in 150 countries without worrying about payroll or compliance

  • Hire contractors from 150 countries in minutes
  • Generate and sign locally compliant contracts in seconds
  • Automatically collect country specific documents
  • Manage payroll, compliance and onboarding in one place
  • Pay your team in over 120 currencies
  • Fund payroll in just one click

From $500 per employee
per month


Hire full-time employees in minutes without having to set up a legal entity in a new country

  • From $500 per employee, per month thereafter
  • We take care of payroll, tax fillings, expenses, pension contributions, and more
  • We give your team a competitive, localized benefits package
  • By becoming an 'Employer of Record' we hire the employee for you and make the process extremely smooth
  • Fund payroll in just one click
*First hire free applies to certain countries
and is based on availability.

Whether you want to hire a new team member as a contractor or an employee, we’re here to help.

Startup contractor discount

If you're a VC backed startup with less than $10m in funding,
get 50% off your first year.

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Non-profit plan

If you're a charity that’s doing great things to give back to society, get 40% off your first twelve months

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