Customized hiring contracts for 150+ countries

Generated in seconds. Deel’s custom contracts keep you compliant with local labor laws, no matter where your new team member lives.
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When you’re hiring contractors in other countries, doing it legally is the biggest challenge. We let you generate custom contracts that minimize legal risks.

Three types of ongoing contracts to choose from


Pay contractors a fixed amount on a regular basis. Support for weekly, biweekly, hourly, or daily rates.

Pay as you go

Pay contractors according to how much work they submit. Choose the submission method and set a custom schedule.


Pay contractors on a per-project basis. Approve a milestone, and the payment is sent.

Customize your Deel experience

Allow CSV uploads for timesheets

Working with multiple contractors? Our CSV templates let your contractors submit hours worked and automatically generate invoices.

Connect your own contract template

Using your own contract template? Upload it, and Deel will automatically synchronize the most important parts to our own system.

Add annexes to contracts

Have an annex to add? During the contract creation workflow, Deel lets you upload additional documents as a PDF.

Amend contracts

Need to make a change? Amend signed contracts, and we’ll submit changes to your contractor for approval.