Template contracts that help with local law compliance across 150+ countries.
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Deel's dynamic sample contracts are tailored to local labor laws of parties involved which mitigates the compliance risks when working with independent contractors. Choose what works best for you and select the contract to fit your needs.

There are three types of contracts


Ongoing contract for teammates who get paid a fixed amount. You can choose the payment frequency that suits you best: weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly and monthly.

Pay as you go

Ongoing contract for teammates who get paid based on the amount of work they submit. Set hourly, daily, or weekly rates and choose how the work is submitted.


Ongoing contracts where milestones are added and the payment is assigned to each. When a milestone is approved, the payment is processed.

You can also
Upload CSV for easier work submission

This is ideal for companies working with multiple contractors. Using Deel's CSV templates, teams can submit time worked in minutes as the invoices are generated automatically upon submission.

Upload your own contract template

If you need a custom contract and prefer not to use the standard Deel contract, you can upload it directly on Deel. Our smart system will take key elements and connect it to our platform.

Add annex to Deel contract

Do you need to add a policy or other document to the contract? You can upload a PDF document in the contract creation flow.

Amend contracts

Sometimes you need to make edits to the existing contracts. You can change contract details such as rates, the scope of work, etc. and we will send it to the other party for re-signing.