How Turing expedited monthly payments from days to an hour for over 500 contractors

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October 2020

Meet Turing 👋

Turing helps businesses hire from the top 1% of software developers. They screen and hire vetted software developers across 100+ skills like React, Node, Python, Golang, Angular, Swift, Java, and more. Their powerful software enables companies to efficiently manage remote developers with automatic time tracking, daily stand-ups, and more.

The challenge

Documents all over the place


Before using Deel, Turing handled all compliance manually, and it involved a ton of back-and-forth via email with new teams to collect necessary compliance docs. This left room for things to get missed, and the team knew this wasn't a scalable solution. Mitigating employment risk was incredibly important, and Deel's compliance was a huge benefit for them.


Turing was processing payments for around 150 contracts and using spreadsheets to manage it all. Their documents were all over the place, and it would take them days of manual work just to pay their team. Having no guarantee that money would arrive on payday left a lot of developers unhappy. A big selling point of Deel was the idea that they could consolidate seamless payments and compliance on one platform and give their developers a reliable payday and overall experience.

“After being in this industry for more than 24 years, I understand that every country has their own laws. Some of your competitors have a standard template that is pretty much used across all countries. 

When we came to understand the importance that Deel places on individual country laws and making sure that contracts are structured in the right way, Deel really stood out. And even though some of your competitors have payments, it wasn’t with the same ease at which we could do it with Deel.”

Sudarshan Sivaraman
Head of Customer Success & Sales, Turing

How we Deel with it

Turing has around 400 developers working for customers and 150 developers working to build Turing. They were able to migrate everyone to Deel in days. Now they use Deel to manage, pay, and onboard every developer, in over 60 different countries. Overall their experience has been really positive, the team is happy, and they always appreciate the fast response time from Deel and our support team.


Faster, more streamlined payments

For Turing, Deel helped remove all the challenges they previously faced using other platforms. Their old system required a lot of manual work for making payments, which made paying everyone take several days. With Deel, the team can send payments in just a few hours after verifying the recipients' amounts, saving them a lot of time. They’re also able to add bonuses and make payment adjustments with ease.

They also love the ability to make a payment anytime with off-cycle payments. For instance, if they want to adjust future payments, it takes a few clicks and is done. Deel helped streamline Turing's entire payment process, eliminating all the pain points of their old system. The reporting feature also enables them to track payments for monthly accounting with ease.

Deel features they Love


They love contracts and the full compliance that comes with them. They also love managing payments and contracts from one place instead of being on separate platforms.


The ease of adjusting payments has been a game-changer for Turing, especially when adding bonuses and salary adjustments. Handling it from one place instead of a spreadsheet makes it a breeze for them.