How Hero Gaming took their payments, HR, and contractor experience to the next level

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November 2020

Meet Hero Gaming 👋

A pioneer in offering gamified casinos, Hero Gaming was founded in 2013 by Georg Westin. The company launched in 2014 and has since added multiple brands to its ever-growing portfolio. They’re dedicated to providing the best experience for players and are poised to take the global market by storm. Their passion for innovation and agility has been pivotal in carving out a reputation as one of the industry’s most reputable organizations.

The challenge

Missed invoices, and manual processes

Decentralized HR systems

Hero Gaming works with many contractors worldwide, and they were struggling to manage all the HR logistics manually. Contractors typically sit outside an internal HR system, so documents and contractor information often get lost in emails or spreadsheets. The team needed a way to centralize this process to avoid mistakes and confusion.

Payroll difficulties

In addition to hunting down contractor documentation and information, Hero Gaming ran into issues paying all of their teams manually. There was no formal process to track or approve invoices, and managers often needed to approve hours and pay to ensure everyone got accounted for. Sometimes there were even expired or missed invoices, and the team needed a way to ensure this no longer would be an issue.

“Deel really helped us to streamline the whole process, and we’re seeing an increase in contractors so the system is working for us. It’s a scalable system.”

Andrea Saliba
Head of Talent & Organizational Development, Hero Gaming

How we Deel with it

With over 20 contractors across 11 different countries, Deel was able to help optimize Hero Gaming’s entire onboarding, HR, and payroll processes. Our centralized platform for documentation ensured no contractor details were missed and helped the team stay organized. Hero Gaming could more efficiently manage invoices, guarantee manager approval, and keep track of where money was going with a streamlined and flexible payroll workflow.


Levelling up their global hiring

Hero Gaming migrated all of their pains into a platform that turned an ordeal into a dream. Now, their systems are aligned, consistent, and they no longer have to worry about spending hours manually dealing with payments or contractor logistics. Deel's reporting feature has also enabled them to keep things in check; they can now see how much money they're spending on contractors and if there's any increase or decrease in expenses, allowing them to track fluctuations with ease.

Hero Gaming has provided contractors with a fantastic working experience with a centralized workflow and flexible payment systems. As remote work grows amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the team has seen increasing interest in contractors that want to join their workforce, and Deel has helped empower them to make global hiring easy.

Deel features they Love


Deel's contract workflow has been a game-changer for Hero Gaming, with one place to upload contracts, store all contract details, plus a seamless signing process.


Flexible payment options enable teams to choose how they want to pay their contractors, and lets contractors easily decide how to withdraw their money (and in what currency).