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Hiring in different countries has always been messy. Until Now. Deel helps companies with international payroll, benefits, taxes and compliance in 150 countries - all through one powerful dashboard.

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Over 1,400 companies trust Deel to help them hire contractors and employees all over the world.

Contract creation

Fast-track your international hiring with locally compliant contracts

Choose a country, fill in some details, and instantly generate a contract that's compliant with local laws. Make amendments in seconds and send them straight to team members to sign.

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Hire Anywhere

Compliantly hire contractors and employees in 150 countries around the world. No matter where your workforce lives, we've got you covered.

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Document collection

Avoid expensive compliance mistakes with our robust platform

Our team of local legal experts navigate the maze of local laws, so you don’t have to. Automatically collect country-specific documents, stay on top of local laws, and store everything in one place.

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One-click payments

Pay your whole team with one click

Fund payroll in seconds with one bulk payment. Your team can then withdraw earnings using any of our payment methods, including bank transfer, Transferwise, Revolut, and Coinbase.

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Digital invoices

A built-in assistant to manage all your invoices

Get instant, digital invoices after each payment—no more hassle of creating and collecting them. Also, we'll seamlessly sync all your invoice data with your favorite accounting software.

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Employer of Record

Hire employees in 150 countries in minutes

Our worldwide network of local entities lets Deel hire employees on your behalf. It saves you time, money, and the trouble of setting up a legal entity. We handle compliance, taxes, payroll, benefits and more.

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