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Xero's online accounting software helps small businesses save time and grow. Deel integrates with Xero to automatically sync your teams cost data with the Xero general ledger to streamline your accounting processes.

From now on, you can integrate Xero with Deel with a few clicks!

This integration will automatically sync all Deel invoices, by creating a bill on your account on Xero when a payment is processed. On top of that, when you integrate it for the first time - we will sync all past invoices.

Getting started

how to connect Xero to Deel

  • Go to Team settings and select Integrations tab
  • Click on "Connect to Xero" and log in to Xero

Data flow diagram

Here is an overview of the data flow between Deel and Xero.

deel-xero data flow diagram

Frequently asked questions

How do I disconnect Xero?

Do disconnect Xero, go to Integration tab and click on Disconnect.

Can I synchronise past invoices?

Yes, you can. To load past invoices, choose the date from which you want to sync retroactively.

Will my invoices be automatically synchronised?

Yes, Deel will automatically sync all the invoices starting from the date of integration.