How to withdraw money from Deel balance?

March 4, 2021
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This tutorial will guide you through the simple process of withdrawing money from your Deel balance.

Pro tip: To save time, fill in the preferred payment method information before your first payment comes in!

When you have available balance, click on Withdraw to start the process. Chose the amount you want to withdraw (or keep the total) and select the withdrawal method and currency.


Split withdrawal

You can split your available balance and withdraw it with multiple methods. Just choose the amount and select where you want to send the money to.

Keep in mind: Your billing address needs to match the information connected to your withdrawal method. Any differences may cause a payment rejection.

Connect a Payoneer account to Deel

Click to add or change your preferred withdrawal method. It will redirect you to Payoneer's website. Make sure to sign in to Payoneer on their website on the top right (or sign up if you don’t have an account). Your account will be connected after this step.

Payoneer is charging a 1% fee (with a min of $12) per transaction.


Connect a Revolut account to Deel

Choose Revolut from the list of withdrawal methods and add your account information.


Connect a PayPal account to Deel

Choose PayPal from the list of withdrawal methods and add your Paypal email.


PayPal charges 2.5% of the amount globally. This is a special reduced rate for all Deel users :)

Connect a Transferwise wallet on Deel

If you have an existing account with Transferwise, you can withdraw USD or EUR at no fees. Here is how to connect it.

You can choose between your added withdrawal methods or even enable automatic withdrawal. This way, the balance is automatically cleared every time there is money available. Keep in mind that your preferred withdrawal method will be used every time if you have the automatic withdrawal enabled.

Important: Before you withdraw, make sure you filled in Billing information correctly, to avoid possible issues and delays. You can do that from your settings or from the withdrawal flow. Your billing and payment method (ie. bank account) information needs to be the same.

Depending on the payment method, your money may take 1-2 business days (3-5 for SWIFT) to clear and appear on your account. If you have any questions about the status of your payment, do not hesitate to reach out to us via website chat.

Deel multi-currency wallet

If you received payments in multiple currencies, your balance will look something like this:


Pro tip: Use Deel Advance

Have you ever wished that your paycheck would hit your account sooner? Whether you need some extra cash for an unexpected payment or want to book a well deserved holiday, we believe that your payday should work for you.