How to use Withdraw Early feature

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Goodbye waiting and hello early payment! Deel team worked hard to build a new feature we're sure you will like. With Withdraw Early feature, you can get paid days before your payday!

Days before your payday? How is that possible?

Well, Deel partnered with amazing payment providers to help you get paid earlier. No more waiting for the first of the month! The good part is, they agreed to only charge our users 1% but never more than $15.

A few days before the payment is due, you will see a button Withdraw Early on your contract page. If you click on it, you will get paid instantly, even on weekends and holidays. This feature is currently available for our VIP users, but we are working on expanding it to all of you.

How to request an early withdrawal

From the contract page, click on the Withdraw Early button on the right. Confirm that you want to put money in your balance. That's it! Your balance will refresh immediately, even at night and on weekends. Pretty cool, right? :)

Here's a visual:


Important: Please note that the Withdraw Early feature might not be available for all users at the moment.