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March 4, 2021
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New Feature for Client's Dashboard

A customized subdomain allows Clients to have a customizable Deel mirrored to their very own subdomain.

With custom domains Clients can do the following:

  • Upload company Logo
  • Log in through their own custom domain
  • Use company brand colors - Clients can add the HEX color of their Brand or choose the predefined color option that we have available.


The Client will be charged $100 per month for this feature and they will be charged using the payment method that they have added to pay their monthly contract subscription fee payments.

Custom Sub-Domain Set up

Prefer a video tutorial instead? Here it is.

  1. On your main Deel Page, select the 'Team Settings' tab and click Customise. Click the 'Add Customised Domain' button to start.
  2. Add the customisation Details

Deel customized domain preview

  1. The client can also authenticate Okta SSO by enabling the Okta Single Sign-on toggle on the page. Read more about Okta SSO Configuration.

Okta SSO on Deel

  1. Once the Customisation Details is filled click 'Next'.
  2. The Client will need to agree that using a customized subdomain on Deel costs $100 per month before they can click the 'AGREE AND DEPLOY' button.

Deel custom domain

  1. Click the custom domain link to log in to Client's very own sub-domain.

Deel custom domain