How to use Approver role in Deel teams

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We recently introduced the Approver role within Deel Teams. This is a tutorial that explains how to use it, add and remove approver roles.

Companies can now assign approvers within Deel teams to review and approve the work submitted before the payment goes through.

How to add an Approver

Select the Team you would like to add Approver for under the Team dropdown

  • In Team Settings, under Team Members, click on "Add Team Member"
  • Add the team member's name and email address, assign their role, and click on the "Approver" toggle to indicate they will be a Team Approver
  • Click "Send Invite" to save the new Team Member and send them an email invitation to join the Team!

How to remove an Approver

In Team Settings under Team Members, find the Team Member you would like to edit

  • Click on the Team Members role description, next to their name (ex: Admin/Approver)
  • A box will pop up to allow you to edit their role. Scroll down and turn off the "Approver" toggle to remove the Approver role.
  • Keep in mind that if you remove the approver role, the person will still keep a seat within Deel team under their assigned role (Admin, Controller, Support)

How to approve work

If you would like to require an Approver to approve hours/work submitted by contractors, first make sure to specify this when creating the contract

  • You can do so by checking the "require team approver permission before paying contract" box under the Compliance settings of the contract (see below)
approve work on deel
  • When a contractor submits hours/work to be approved, you will see a notification appear in the Team Home dashboard
  • Click on "Open" to open the approval request
  • Click "Approve" to approve the request for payment

The request has now been approved!

This is how the process looks: