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March 4, 2021
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Contract amending feature is finally here! Say goodbye to sending requests for edits and say hello to changing contract details in a few steps. This was a highly requested feature, so we made it happen for you.

How to amend a contract on Deel:

  • From your dashboard, select a contract you want to amend and scroll to the bottom to reach Amend Contract
  • Click on Amend Contract and edit necessary fields
  • Once done, you should review and re-sign the contract amendment
  • It will be sent automatically to the contractor for review and signature

Here's how it looks:


Keep in mind:

All outstanding payments will need to be processed before the contract can be modified.

The contractor needs to re-sign the contract for future payments to be issued! Until that happens the status of the contract will have Modifying status.

That's it! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via website chat!