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How Deel invoicing works

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January 11, 2021
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You probably already know that Deel automatically generates invoices for every transaction initiated on Deel. We're diving into details of invoice management in this tutorial.
Invoices are available for download in PDF or CSV formats to both clients and contractors. You can download and use them for accounting or other purposes.

Before the payment goes out, the client can download the invoice in CSV format by clicking on Invoice CSV on the right:

After the payment has been processed, the client can download invoices in bulk, by going to Invoices & Receipts and clicking on the Download as CSV:

Invoice details can be added and edited in User settings of both client and contractor account views. The edited information will be displayed on all future invoices. The past ones will remain unchanged.

The contractor can download the Deel's automated invoice upon successful payment. Alternatively, they can upload their own invoice that will supersede the one from Deel.

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