How to check transaction fees when withdrawing from Deel balance

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In this article, we will explain how you can check the fees connected to your withdrawal.

Remember, Deel doesn't charge contractors any fees- the only fee you need to cover is the payment provider transaction fee (if any).

When you have available balance, click on the Withdraw button and select your amount, currency, and payment method. The fee will be displayed below the withdrawal amount.

Once you decide on the withdrawal method, click on withdraw to confirm it.

Here are the fees based on the payment methods:

  • PayPal 2.5% (regardless of the amount or country- a Deel-exclusive reduced fee)
  • Payoneer 1% (minimum $12)
  • Local payout powered by TransferWise- depends on the country. For the currency exchange, check this calculator.
  • Bank transfer via SWIFT (foreign currency)- depends on the banks and their payment network. Unfortunately, we cannot give you the exact amount, but it can be anywhere from $0-$40.

We hope this helps clarify the transaction costs! If you have other questions, reach out to us via the website chat!