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How Deel helped Mixtiles stay compliant globally and get a clear view of all things payroll

I would definitely recommend Deel to anybody who is managing teams of contractors in multiple countries, all around the world, that need a platform to be able to make payroll and contracts a lot easier.

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How Deel is helping Veriff to become one of the fastest-growing startups around

“We’ve saved a lot of time and money but also reduced the team’s administrative load for quicker turnaround.”

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How Deel helps Slite bring on some of the best talent thousands of miles from France

"With Deel, all it takes is a couple of clicks to run payroll. It’s a fraction of the time it’d take us to do it all manually."

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How Turing expedited monthly payments from days to an hour for over 500 contractors

"Turing helps businesses hire from the top 1% of software developers. They screen and hire vetted software developers across 100+ skills like React, Node, Python, Golang, Angular, Swift, Java, and more. Their powerful software enables companies to efficiently manage remote developers with automatic time tracking, daily stand-ups, and more."


How small DeFi startup Arch made big moves growing their international team

"Arch makes DeFi investing simple for newcomers and passive investors.
They're a team of builders using tech to help create better and more inclusive financial products. No matter what someone's level of expertise, they believe everyone should have access a diversified portfolio of crypto assets. A lot of investment platforms tend to gear towards insiders and traders. Arch aims to turn that notion on its head."


How Cartesi saved time, money, andresources on their payroll workflow

"Cartesi was founded in 2018 by Erick de Moura, Augusto Teixeira, Diego Nehab and Colin Steil. Cartesi is taking smart contracts to the next level. It is a chain-agnostic layer-2 infrastructure, solving the pressing problem of scalability on the most important blockchains. Most notably, Cartesi implements a unique Linux-supporting VM, rollups, and side-chains to revolutionize the way developers create blockchain applications, allowing them to use mainstream software components."

Video Husly

How video editing service Video Husky turned compliance woes into global contractor hiring wins

"Video Husky makes editing videos easy for anyone and any business. They help content creators create quality, on-brand videos without being an expert editor without hiring a freelancer. Video Husky helps companies turn their video creation process into an efficient production line for one flat fee."


How Ed-tech platform ScholarshipOwl keeps up with compliance in a few clicks all over the world

"ScholarshipOwl is an innovative platform designed to speed up the scholarship application process dramatically. They automatically match award opportunities to applicants' personalities, grades, lifestyle, and more. They leverage AI and big data to increase students' chances of earning scholarships, taking the hassle out of financial aid, and helping students graduate debt-free."


How Esports Entertainment Group managed their acquisition and absorbed over 30 contractors

"A full-stack esports and online gambling company, Esports Entertainment Group, is fueled by rapidly growing gaming and esports. They’re on a mission to connect the world with the future of sports entertainment to bring fans and gamers together. Not only limited to just video games, EEG partners with professional NFL, NHL, NBA, and FIFA teams and is influential across the spectrum of all levels of esports and gaming."

Hero Gaming

How Hero Gaming took their payments, HR, and contractor experience to the next level

"A pioneer in offering gamified casinos, Hero Gaming was founded in 2013 by Georg Westin. The company launched in 2014 and has since added multiple brands to its ever-growing portfolio. They’re dedicated to providing the best experience for players and are poised to take the global market by storm. Their passion for innovation and agility has been pivotal in carving out a reputation as one of the industry’s most reputable organizations."


How EMF Media cut their time spent on hiring and payroll by 50%

"Not your typical marketing agency, EMF Media operates like a growth incubator for startups and brand-builders across Europe. They’re focused on helping brands build from the ground up by offering full scale marketing services, specializing in the e-commerce industry."


How Valiu gave their founders their time back, and unlocked talent around the world

"Valiu enables businesses and people to save and pay in trusted digital USD, protecting them from inflation and unleashing the economic potential of LATAM´s economy. Simon Chamorro and Alberto Niego co-founded Valiu in 2018 to make it easier to transfer money to Venezuela by streamlining remittances using cryptocurrency in a country where 80% of inhabitants depend on transmittals to survive. Valiu’s technology has the potential to help stabilize Venezuela’s economy and help other high inflationary Latin American economies."


How Zelos Gaming optimized hiring and payroll so they could level up their growing business

"Founded in 2019, Zelos Gaming is a cross-game multi-platform rewards program that enables gamers to earn points by completing in-game tasks or accomplishments and redeem virtual prizes. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Zelos Gaming takes the largely popularized concept of battle passes and applies it to a wide variety of games. The more you do, the more you play, and the more you accomplish, the greater the rewards. Backed by Mark Cuban, Coinbase, and other investors, Zelos gaming is also diving headfirst into the world of NFTs."


How streamlined their hiring process to improve productivity and work-life balance

"By automating their HR, and payroll processes, can focus on scaling their organization. They’ve been delighted to find a solution that automates all of their manual tasks, is user-friendly, secure, affordable, and is easily scalable as their organization continues to grow."

Estonian E-Residency

How Estonia e-Residency and Deel are empowering nomadic EU companies

Estonia, nestled in the North-Eastern region of Europe, is adapting quickly to the fast-growing world of remote work. The Estonia E-Residency Programme, launched in 2014, empowers entrepreneurs worldwide to start EU-based companies while managing their business from anywhere, entirely online. Haav explains, “we are extremely excited that Estonian e-residents can now benefit from Deel’s wide-ranging service portfolio.”


How Deel is helping Lyre's achieve their global objectives and live the future of work.

For Lyre’s, scaling came with a few hurdles. Before starting to scale, Lyre’s needed to establish a solid distribution base for its product, quickly realizing that entities in each country were required to bring these important new team members on board. This consuming endeavor wasn’t something Lyre’s could afford with money or time.
Luckily for Lyre’s, there is Deel.

1840 and Company

How 1840 & Company aided their distributed workforce in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Rai with Deel.

A portion of 1840 & Company’s Philippine workforce needed immediate help, so DiGiorgio sent advanced payments in a few clicks. Aiding DiGiorgio’s workforce was simple: he calculated the numbers, uploaded them to the Deel platform, and hit the “pay early” button. Now the team could withdraw their funds in their preferred method and currency.


How Deel is helping E-Bikes provider Zoomo increase its speed to market

“Deel enabled us to be more ambitious in our expansion plan,” Somaskanthan says. When talking with potential customers, the team is confident in saying, “Yes, we can be there in X months,” because Deel can get them set up from day one."