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How do I sign up for Deel?

Signing up for Deel is easy. Click on the “Sign up” button at the top right, fill in your details and select how you will use Deel.
For more information, take a look at this tutorial.

Do I need to sign up to create a contract?

Yes, you do. We need your information to create a contract.

How do I delete my account on Deel?

We would hate to see you go, but if you wish to remove your account, please reach out to us via live chat.

I forgot my password. How can I change it?

On the log in panel, select “Reset password" and we will send you instructions via email.

General information

What is Deel?

Deel is the first payroll platform for remote teams that connects localized compliance and payments in one system of record and automates everything.

Why should I use Deel?

Deel has multiple benefits for both companies and contractors:

  • Compliance (tax forms, localized contracts)
  • One automated payment for all contracts
  • Different payment methods supported
  • Payment cycles, time sheets
  • Customer support
  • Different type of sample contracts to fit your needs
  • All invoices and receipts automatically generated
What types of contracts can I create on Deel?

There are three types of contracts you can create on Deel:

Fixed contract
This is an ongoing contract used to pay contractors a set amount on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. It is ideal for long term projects or an ongoing arrangement. This type of contract can be used for any work scope.
Here’s how to create a fixed contract

Pay as you go contract
This is an ongoing contract used to pay contractors based on a work time (hours or days) submitted. A client signs a contract and pays an invoice at the end of a week or month. The amount invoiced is generated based on the total time a contractor submitted. This type of contract can be used for any work scope.
Here’s how to create a Pay as you go contract

Milestone contract
This is an "one-time" contract where the client breaks down the project into milestones and assigns a rate to each of them. The money is released based on the approved work (milestone). This type of contract is used for short term projects and for any work scope.
Here’s how to create a milestone contract

How do I create a contract on Deel?

Creating a contract is easy and fast! Both a client and a contractor can initiate contract creation, although the client need to sign it first. Here are the steps:
For detailed process, check tutorials for fixed, pay as you go and milestone contract.

Deel contracts are legally binding. How does that work?

Our sample contracts are tailored to local labor laws in countries of both the client and the contractor and they are legally binding. You can review all the clauses and sections before signing it by downloading a PDF version of the contract. This document can also be used to resolve any potential disputes.

How can Deel help me with local laws?

Deel contracts are being polished and updated based on local laws of different countries. Although our template is generally acceptable, our aim is to cover the intricacies of each country with more local law information required to ensure you stay compliant.

How can I delete or cancel an existing contract?

You can do that from the dashboard, by selecting the three dots on the right side of the contract list.

How can I edit my information?

Go to the User Settings on the left navigation bar, and edit the information details.

Does Deel provide the invoice for the contracts?

Yes, Deel automatically generates the invoices for each contract that is created. We use the details provided in the contract. You can download the invoice and use it for accounting, tax filing or any other purpose. Deel now integrates with QuickBooks and Xero.

If you want to upload your own invoice, you can do that as well. Go the Invoices tab and click on the three dots to upload your own invoice.

Which payment methods does Deel support?

We strive to offer a unique service, where clients and contracts can select from a variety of payment methods.

Clients can pay via ACH, wire transfers, credit cards, SEPA and BACS Direct Debit.

Contractors can receive or withdraw money with one of 15+ methods such as PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfer (SWIFT or local), Revolut, Transferwise, and other digital wallets.

How much does Deel cost?

Deel has one of the lowest fees in the industry. We charge the client based on the number of active contracts within a month. For details, take a look at Deel pricing page.

Contractors do not pay for Deel!
Please note that Deel fee does not cover the transfer fees that some payment methods charge. Fees are always displayed on the payment/withdrawal screen.

I have an issue, how can I get in touch with Deel support team?

We are always here to help you! The fastest way to get in touch is via the live chat feature on the bottom right. If you prefer email, reach out to us at

Where can I see the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

For clients

My company has more than one person managing the payments. Can I create multiple accounts under one company account?

Yes, you can create Deel teams. For more information, check setting up Teams tutorial.

How do I know what documentation I need to stay compliant?

In general, you need to have a contract and invoices for each of your contractors. In addition to that, you can request the contractor to upload compliance documents required in their own country (such as registration confirmation, work permits, etc.)

How does Deel help my company stay compliant when working with contractors?

When you use Deel, you will receive an automatically generated contract sample and invoices for every transaction. For our US users, we are offering an automatic collection of forms W9, W8-BEN(E) and 1099, which can be used for the US tax filing. More information on: W8-BEN(E), 1099 Forms.

In which countries is Deel available?

Deel is available in all countries except those prohibited by law and those considered extreme risk.

How does Deel help with local laws?

Please check the answer above about compliance and documentation.

How does Deel help with tax filing?

For the US companies:
When using Deel, we collect all the necessary information to generate relevant tax forms for you. W-9, W-8BEN, W-8BENE, and 1099 are all being generated on Deel. You are responsible for the withholding. When a tax season comes, you will be able to generate the Forms and file 1099 Forms directly via Deel to the IRS, thanks to our tax partners.

For international companies:
We are working through the documentation requirements for different countries and improving our contract samples. If you have a specific inquiry, please email us at

How do I set payment cycles on Deel?

When you create a contract, you will be asked about the frequency and the date of the first payment.
You can read more about the payment cycles here.

What if I don’t collect a W-9 Form?

If you fail to collect a W-9 form from your contractor and do not issue the required 1099-Misc form, the IRS will hold you responsible for not withholding 28% tax on the amount paid and assess penalties for not issuing the required form. The penalties are $260 for each failure to file and an additional $260 for each failure to issue a required 1099 Form. The IRS is very strict about 1099 Forms and in addition to the potential penalties for not filing, they can/will deny the deduction for that expense under audit. It is strongly recommended that you have a W-9 from all contractors you do business with.

How do I use Mass Pay to pay my contractors?

You can pay your contractors in a single click. Go to your dashboard and select the Pay all button. For more information, check our mass pay tutorial.

Can I edit a contract once it is activated?

Yes, clients can edit existing contracts. Check this tutorial for more information. The edited contract will need to be re-signed by both parties to take effect. Keep in mind you need to process all outstanding payments before amending a contract.

Can I use my own contract template?

Yes, when you create a contract you can select to upload your own contract. We will add an amendment to the sample contract that both parties will sign.

Can I add documents (policies, etc.) to the contract?

Yes, you can. You can add any documents such as policies, annexes, etc. Here's how.

Can I integrate bookkeeping software to Deel?

Yes, Deel supports QuickBooks and Xero integration.

How to do an off-cycle payment?

You can now pay your contractors outside the set payment cycles. Here's how.

For contractors

How do I complete the verification process?

You need to verify your account to be able to use Deel fully. The verification process is simple. Here's how it works. If you're having trouble with verification, please send a scan of your government-issued ID to

How do I onboard my client to Deel?

Have your contractor sign up for Deel and follow the onboarding flow. If they need help, they can reach out to us either via the website chat or by emailing

How do I withdraw money from Deel?

You can access your balance from the dashboard. Once there is money on your balance, press the Withdraw button and follow the process. For more information, check withdrawal tutorial.

How much is the payment method fee?

All transaction costs/fees are determined and charged by the payment service providers. You are responsible to cover the fee every time you withdraw the money from Deel balance. You will always see the fee when you click on withdraw (before you confirm).

How should the work be sent to the client?

Deel does not provide a service for the exchange of completed work. Clients and contractors should agree on communication channels before starting the project.

How long does it take for the money to appear on my account after withdrawal?

This depends on the payment method you selected. Please check the respective payment method website for more details. In general, this is the estimated time it takes for the money to be cleared:

- PayPal: end of the day
- Bank transfer via SWIFT: 2-3 business days
- Local bank transfer: up to 1 business day

Note that most payment providers, especially banks do not process payments on the weekends and public holidays.

Can I get paid early?

Yes, you can. We introduced Withdraw Early feature for our users. You can learn more about it here.

What if the client doesn't approve the work even when completed?

We encourage our clients and contractors to try and settle conflicts between themselves. Deel does not provide a Resolution Center and does not mediate any disputes.

We know that the struggle is real when trying to get paid for work that is completed. Deel was built on the premise to ensure trust and safety between clients and contractors. By breaking down the project into tasks in Milestone contracts, we are providing a way to mitigate large losses for both parties.

Will Deel help me collect my 1099-MISC form (for US contractors)?

When a tax season comes, you will be able to generate and collect all the 1099 forms and file them directly via Deel to the IRS thanks to our tax partners. You can manage your tax forms under the Taxes tab.

Can I split the money upon withdrawal?

Yes, you can. When you click on the button Withdraw, you can choose the amount you want to withdraw. You can check this tutorial for more information.

Where do I add a withdrawal method?

You can add your withdrawal method from the User Settings, under General tab.

Why is my payment taking so long?

We do our best to provide you with the best payment experience, but we cannot control all the factors.
Sometimes it can happen that the client hasn't paid on time. You will see that in the contract as payment overdue.
If you have a question about the status of your payment, reach out to us via the website chat.

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