Customer Support

Deel is there for you 24/7.
Request a demo

We aspire to be generous and thoughtful in every interaction with each other and our customers. That's why we are always available to our users through our website chat. Spread through multiple timezones, our team will answer all your questions and respond to inquiries.

Let us take care of your contractors

Existing users can always reach out to us to check the status of their payment, get quick answers or anything else they need.

Onboarding is easy when you have support

Whether you have one teammate or one hundred of them, our skilled team will ensure you get the best out of Deel. As a matter of fact, we can onboard 100 people in 20 minutes. Besides that, we can help you decide on the best contract type, guide you through the contract creation flow, and answer all your questions.

We speak your language

Well, we speak 10 different languages. Perks of having a remote team, right? :)

Not a user? That's ok, we are still here to help

You don't have to be a user to get in touch with us. If you are not sure whether Deel is a good solution for your company, we can help you decide. If you have a specific question, let us know via the chat. If you are interested in Deel as a product,schedule a demoand get a walkthrough.