Employer of Record RFP Template

Download this free RFP template and make an informed decision about the best employer or record solution for your global workforce.

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In this guide
You’re looking for the right global employment solution. Here’s the best way to help you assess shortlisted vendors and make the right decision.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) is a business tool that invites vendors to create proposals that will match the needs of your business outlined in this document.

Simply put, you’re telling the world what you want and inviting them to come up with offers.

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How does a thorough RFP help your company?

An RFP incentivizes vendors to put together customized, appealing packages for your needs. An RFP gives you many quality options and reduces the chances of choosing the wrong vendor. You’ll also be able to make your decision faster because you’ll have a thorough proposal addressing all your questions.

Before you request proposals, you’ll need to look deep into your why’s and how’s and think about your business needs. This template guides you through identifying the features that matter the most to your company.

Why is our RFP template different?

It’s a Google Drive file that you can easily:

  • Share with the decision-makers and collaborate
  • Download to your device as an Excel file and access it from anywhere