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Becoming a Deel partner means we handle payroll and compliance in 150+ countries for your clients. It's payments, contracts, and more all in one place.

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Why partner with Deel?

Help a business

Help your clients legally hire and pay their international contractors effortlessly and cost effectively.

Earn perks and

Choose from multiple partnership packages that benefit both you and your clients.

Partner with the
market leader

Backed by some of the best in the business. Deel’s leveraged resources to keep scaling globally.

How do you want to partner with Deel?

Become a Partner

  • You have clients that need payroll and compliance services for their international team members
  • You handle payroll for your clients and want
    to use Deel’s platforms
  • You want to help your clients hire internationally the most affordable way
Become a Partner
If any of these apply to you, you'd make a great Deel Partner

Become an Affiliate

  • You know business owners who hire internationally that could benefit from Deel
  • You are ready to earn commission by referring
    your friends using a custom affiliate link
  • You want to provide your network with discounts
    on payroll to help them scale internationally
Become an Affiliate
If any of these apply to you, you'd makea great Deel Affiliate

Partnership Packages

As a Deel partner, choose from any of these three benefit packages. Find the right one for you and your clients' needs.


Mutually beneficial for you and your clients. You'll get a commission, and they'll receive a discount. It's a win-win.


Give your clients one bill to pay. You'll maintain the billing relationship, plus get the ability to bundle Deel with other services.


Every benefit your client needs. Offer clients unmatched value by providing discounts on payroll.

With Deel, clients can:

Fast-track hiring in 150+ countries

Bring on a contractor, add a full-time employee or do both. Deel helps businesses create compliant contracts and hire employees. It even makes handling taxes, benefits, and payroll a breeze.

Avoid compliance mistakes

Collect and store country-specific documents. Double-check them with the help of local legal experts.

Pay with one click

Fund payroll in seconds with one mass payment and let team members withdraw earnings using any supported payment method.

Automate invoices

Get digital invoices after each payment and sync them with their preferred accounting software.

Some amazing clients who trust Deel with their global needs

Become a Deel partner

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