Compliantly hire independent contractors in


in minutes

From signing contracts and collecting tax forms to paying your global team, we automate everything in one account. Deel partners with top legal experts in


to ensure you’re complaint with local laws.

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Avoid expensive mistakes.
Hire contractors in


with Deel.

If you're looking to grow your business in a new country and tap into a wider pool of talent, hiring an independent contractor's a great way to go. However, running the risk of fines and penalties is possible if you don't correctly classify a contractor since


treats contractors differently than a full-time employees.

HIre contractors in


in minutes with Deel

Just log into your account and onboard your independent contractors in


within a few minutes. We'll make sure you're compliant and manage everything from localized contracts and collecting tax documents to international payroll. Check.

We partner with the best legal firms. In


, you're compliant

The best legal firms in


approve our contracts, so everything is compliant with local laws. From minimum wage and national holidays to termination conditions, you can be confident you have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Fund payroll

with one-click

Use your preferred payment method to send mass payouts in 120 currencies with just a click. Teams can also choose to withdraw money in

using their preferred payment method. Everyone saves on currency conversions and wire transfer fees. It's a win for all.

Getting started is easy. Here’s how it works

Create, send and sign a contract

Instantly generate a locally compliant contract. Send it to your new team member to sign and manage the whole process in your Deel dashboard.

Stay compliant with local laws

When your contractor creates their account, we’ll verify their identity and collect any country specific documents for you, to make sure you’re compliant with local laws

Pay your team in their local currency

You choose how and when you want to pay your contractor. All you need to do is fund your Deel account for payroll, and we’ll make sure they’re paid on time.

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Great service, amazing customer care, terrific platform, both for the company and for the contractors/employees. Saving everyone's time and money

Nunzio Martinello

The Deel platform has been super effective for my team and I and has enabled us to bring on workers globally. The platform allows us to onboard individuals seamlessly and with no issues at all. Highly recommend.

Michael US

Deel is an amazing platform! It's super intuitive and user friendly, plus it runs suuuuper smoothly!! It has great options for paying and withdrawing money, plus it helps you keep super organized with your spending. They also have great support and are super friendly with all the questions you might have :D I would definitely recommend it!!

Manuela Echeverry