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Social Security
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Quick Overview

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Capital: Brussels

Official language: Dutch, French and German

Payroll Cycle: Monthly

Statutory Holidays

Paid Time Off

In Belgium, employees are entitled to 20 days of paid holiday a year. Holiday entitlement is built up in the previous calendar year, regardless of which employer(s) the individual worked for.Holiday pay in Belgium consists of a single and double holiday pay equal to approximately a month’s salary to be paid in June and December.

Public Holidays

  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter Monday
  • Labour Day
  • Ascension Day
  • White-Monday
  • Belgium National Holiday
  • Assumption Day
  • All Saint’s Day
  • Armistice Day 1918
  • Christmas Day

Additional regional holidays may also apply.

General Taxation

Individual Income Tax

The individual income tax depends on many variables, such as marital status, level of income, etc. The average ranges from 25% to 50%

Employer Tax

27.5% - 40% of employee salary

Additional information

Employment Contract Details

Contracts must always be in writing and specify the type of agreed employment, trial period, restrictive covenants and notice. There are specific rules governing the language used to write employment contracts due to linguistic diversity from region to region in Belgium.Contract backdating

Contracts must be signed at least 5 days before start date ****as employee needs to be registered by employer before start date.

Probation Period

There is no probation for contracts starting on and after January 2014 in Belgium.

Minimum Wage Requirements

The minimum wage in Belgium is EUR 1,593.81 per month.

Maximum working hours and overtime

Normal working time is generally 38 hours per week. However workers can work up to 40 effective hours of work if 12 compensatory days for the rest the year are granted. Work exceeding 40 hours per week entitles the worker to overtime payment.

Bonus and expense payments

There is no mandatory requirement relating to the payment of bonuses. A 13th month salary payment may be applicable depending on the Collective Bargaining Agreement that is in force.

Parental Leave

Working parents are entitled to four months’ parental leave if they have at least 12 months’ service with their employer (in total, during the previous 15 months). The entitlement is an individual and parents can take leave together or at different times. It must be taken before the child turns 12 (or 21 if the child has a disability).

  • Maternity leave starts 6 weeks before birth and extends up to 9 weeks after the baby is born. During maternity leave, employees receive an allowance equal to 82% of the average of the last 3 gross salaries during the first 30 days of maternity leave and 75% of the monthly gross salary from the 31st day of maternity until the end of the post-natal leave.
  • Paternity Leave: employees are entitled to 10 days of paternity leave within the four months following the birth. While the first 3 days are paid in full by the employer, the next 7 are paid by the authorities at 82% of the national capped daily gross salary.

Sick Leave

In order to be entitled to paid sick leave, the employee must inform the employer of the absence as soon as possible and (generally) supply a medical certificate.Following the 30 days period of the employers obligation to pay, employees who continue to be absent are generally entitled to sickness benefit of 60% for the first year.

Termination requirements for employees in


The employer can terminate by either giving notice or by paying an indemnity in lieu of notice, in which case the contract is terminated with immediate effect.Employees can appeal to a court if they considered the dismissal unjustified. Additional compensation may be due if the court deems the dismissal to be unfair.

Notice Period

Notice periods start from 2 weeks for employment that lasted 3 months, up to 64 weeks as of the 23rd year of employment.

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