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Save time and pay your whole team in just a few clicks.

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Effortless payroll. The way it should be.

Pay your team with one click

Review your team's salaries and fund payroll with one bulk invoice every month for your contractors and employees.

No more manual errors

No spreadsheets, no manual calculations, no errors. Salaries, bonuses, expenses and everything is calculated through Deel.

One place for everything

Keep your payments organised with one place to pay contractors and employees, plus make amendments, generate reports and more.

Run payroll with zero effort

Keeping up with global payroll, taxes, pensions and more can be painful. Deel handles the entire employee payroll process and any associated risks.

  • We calculate and pay taxes, pensions and any other local goverment fees
  • Payslips are automatically distributed to your team on time, every month
  • We keep up with any changes in local requirements so you’re never caught out

Save hours on payment admin

Creating and collecting invoices to pay contractors can be really time-consuming. That’s why we’ve automated the entire process.

  • Get instant, compliant digital invoices for every contractor payment
  • Seamlessly sync all your invoice data with your favorite accounting software
  • We keep up with any changes in local requirements so you’re never caught out

More payment options, less hassle for you

Contractors can get paid however they want via 15 different payment methods, without any of the heavy lifting for your team.

  • We support Transferwise, Revolut, Payoneer, Coinbase, bank transfer and more
  • Your team saves money on exchange rates and international transfer fees
  • Your team gets paid in their account on time, with no wire transfer delays

Flexible payment terms

Manage a support team? Need a contractor for a one-off project? We have many payment options designed to suit your business needs

  • Fixed payments: pay full-time team members a fixed monthly or bi-monthly payment
  • Milestone payments: pay on a per-project-basis with as many payment milestones as you need
  • Pay-as-you-go: your team submit their hours through Deel for approval and payment

Go above and beyond on team experience

From our Deel Card to getting paid early, our dashboard is designed to give your team a great experience and keep everything in one place.

  • Contractors can spend securely online or in-stores in any currency with a Deel card
  • Deel Advance lets your contractors receive their  paycheck up to 30 days earlier
  • Your team can see all of their payments, expenses,  bonuses and invoices in one place