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can count on

Deel handles payroll for your employees and automates all of your contractor payments, so you can relax.

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Pay your entire team in minutes (not days)

Automate contractor payments, invoice generation, payslips, and taxes so you can pay the whole team with a click. Plus, you can integrate your favorite accounting software.

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Scrap the spreadsheets and potential payroll errors

Review all your team salaries in one place before funding payroll with a click. We'll automatically calculate what's due for your whole team, send you one monthly invoice, and make sure everyone is paid on time in their local currency.

Put your invoice admin on autopilot

Stop chasing contractor invoices and get instant, digital invoices after each payment instead. Sync all your invoice data with your preferred accounting software, and voilà it's automatic for you and your contractors.

Give your team payment options without the hassle

Contractors like to be paid via providers like Transferwise and Payoneer but this creates a lot of extra admin for you. With Deel, you simply make one bulk payment to us and we’ll let your team withdraw the money however they like.

File U.S. tax documents in a snap

Instantly generate all your W9s and W8s for any US-based team members. Plus, easily file all your contractors' 1099s with one click, right from your dashboard, when tax season arrives.

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