Security at Deel

To grow your international team, you need to feel confident your assets are protected. Security is our top priority.
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We cover our customers from all angles.

Secure applications

We’re constantly testing our applications for vulnerabilities. Periodic third party penetration testing ensures the safety of your information.

Secure payments

Processing thousands of online payments on an ongoing basis, our tech is constantly evolving. We partner with industry leading payment processors and banks to protect your money.

Secure infrastructure

By building our platform on Amazon Web Services, we can scale at speed while maintaining stability and security. Amazon’s secure networks and data centers benefit from constant, automated security tasks.

Secure data

We’re committed to transparency and make your data right a top priority. We always let you know how your data is being used, and let you access it as you see fit. And you always have the option to delete or amend your personal info.

Give your global team a local experience

Deel will transform the way you work with global talent. We are happy to tell you how.