Deel Security

Security is the top consideration in everything we do, it flows through the core of our business. We are committed to using the latest technology to keep your information and accounts safe and secure.
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We cover our customers from all angles.

Application Security

We periodically undertake internal and external third-party penetration testing  to ensure the security of our platform is of the highest standard.  We frequently scan for vulnerabilities in our software to ensure that we are continuously raising standards and keeping our applications secure.

Payments Security

Our technology learns from processing thousands global payments, and actively works to protect your account and transactions. We are partnered with industry leading payment companies and the worlds most trusted banks to safeguard your money.

Infrastructure Security

We build on Amazon Web Services to run an infrastructure that can scale at speed with rapid, automated deployments, while maintaining stability and security. We benefit from secure data centres and networks that are architected to protect critical information by automating manual security tasks.

Data Security

We keep data secure and treat fairly. We are committed to our customers data rights. We are transparent about how your data is being used, and provide access to your personal information if you ask for it. All our customers have ability to request that data be deleted or corrected for accuracy.

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