US Company Guide to Hiring Foreign Independent Contractors

Hiring can be exciting and challenging. You may find yourself seeking answers to the steps you'll need to take. This guide's for you.
US guide hiring guide 

In this guide, you'll find essential steps to take to ensure you're ready to hire independent contractors abroad while staying compliant and avoiding possible risks.

Below are some topics we'll cover in the guide:

  • Who's an independent contractor
  • How to do proper worker classification
  • What are the compliance and legal regulations to look out for
  • How to create a valid independent contractor agreement
  • All the tax forms you'll need to collect

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Access this guide to:

  • Assess your working relationship and avoid common misclassification pitfalls
  • Understand the implications or working with independent contractors in general and how local laws and regulations impact your business
  • What tax forms and other documents you need to collect to keep your business risk-free