Employer costs for an employee in Sweden

Get a more in-depth look at what exactly goes into estimating employer and employee compensation costs in Sweden, including pension, healthcare, insurance, and more.

Deel handles all the local benefits, payroll, taxes, and compliance when hiring an international employee. These costs can vary globally, so we've estimated what a $100,000 salary may look like with mandatory taxes accounted for in Sweden.

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Things to keep in mind

Your final costs may differ from the provided estimates for a few reasons. Some countries assess tax by income levels, some have caps on total tax, some change based on particular industries, and some rates vary based on location within a country.

Also, since currency exchange rates fluctuate, salary costs can shift from month to month if you pay in a different base currency.

Estimates generally don't include costs for vacation, sick pay, private health insurance, and other employer-provided benefits. Onboarding expenses are also not included.

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