Why We Love Deel: A Customer Testimonial

Disguised employment is a growing challenge due to the expansion in international hiring. Inadequate legal setups can pose a risk to both companies and workers.

Anja Simic
Written by Anja Simic
September 28, 2021

from the VBI Team

We love Deel. And we think you will too.

Hey, you’re on their website, so you’re at least moderately interested. High fives. You’ve taken the first step towards revolutionizing your payments and compliance workflow.

Today, we wanted to share our personal success story. A real-life customer testimonial; no BS, no #ad. You see, a few months ago we made the switch to Deel. And we haven’t looked back since. Each week it saves us hours of administration headache. Not to mention the peace of mind it gives us around tax season.

Sound too good to be true? Take our word for it; it’s the real deal (no pun intended). Let’s get started.

Who We Are

We’re Visuals by Impulse. AKA, not your typical client.

We’re the world’s largest design studio for live-streamers and esports gamers. We create custom branding and creative services for some of the top celebrities, teams, and brands on the scene.

Our team is 100% remote, composed entirely of contractors. There are over 40 of us, including graphic designers, motion artists, illustrators, creative engineers, and more. We’re scattered across 15 countries, ranging from the US to Canada to Brazil, Russia, and Mexico.

It’s a beautiful, messy world that we wouldn’t trade for anything. But of course, our unorthodox nature presented a logistics nightmare when it came to payments and compliance.

The Dark Days: Before Deel

For years, we issued contractor payouts via a mixture of PayPal, Xoom, and Upwork.

Managing payroll across three platforms was a constant juggling act. Because we’re a global team, everybody had account preferences for their country or region - and those preferences were constantly changing. In fact, we had to create a massive Airtable spreadsheet just to keep track of everybody’s payment preference.

There was no shortage of account issues. On a weekly basis we would get barraged with panicked messages, like:

  • “My PayPal is locked, help!”
  • “Can you send my check to a different address/account?”
  • “My bank doesn’t accept this currency.”

To make matters worse, we were dependent on these sites to issue tax documentation when it came time to file taxes in the US. As a global remote company, we work with talent across the world. With that came a barrage of foreign tax documents we don’t interface with daily. Generating and collecting 1099s, W-8BEN, or W-9s was a soul-sucking task. Needless to say, it made for an unsettling tax season.


As for pay tracking, each contractor recorded their hours and work completed on primitive Google Sheets timecards. Since everybody had their own individual spreadsheet, we needed to review and sign off on each, one-by-one, every pay period.

Not to mention the issue of contracts themselves. For years, we would send out contracts via document signing services such as HelloSign. This meant yet another platform we needed to manage independently.

All together, it was a complete and utter headache. For a team without a dedicated HR resource, managing contractors and the all-important payday became a nightmare. It was a time sink, pulling our management away from higher-priority tasks each week.

Then Came Deel

Within days of converting our contractors to Deel, it felt like a giant weight had been lifted from our shoulders. We finally had one hub; a single pane of glass from which to manage payments and compliance.

Suddenly, processing payments became a breeze. The same could be said for reviewing milestones and hours worked. Now we can simply log in, review work submitted, and approve. It’s that easy. No more massive spreadsheets, no more switching between platforms.

Once all work has been submitted, we just click the ‘Mass Pay’ button, and payments are automatically distributed to our global team. We’re convinced the Mass Pay button is our new time-saving superpower.

Deel gives our contractors the flexibility to choose which method they want to withdraw funds. They’re also super-transparent when it comes to each option’s attached fees and deposit timelines. It’s a burden we’re more than happy to pass off to the pros.


As for contracts themselves, that too is a welcome relief. Gone are the days of HelloSign. Now we host all our contracts on Deel. We have the option of using their default contract or uploading our own. It’s a professional, easy-to-use system.

The whole experience has felt a bit surreal. It’s a tool that has skyrocketed our quality of life. We’re not sure how we lived without it previously.

The Holy Grail: Tax Compliance

But that’s just the start. Maybe our favorite feature of Deel is its compliance services.

With Deel, we got one central place for all our tax proceedings. When we onboard new contractors, Deel automatically collects the documents and forms we need to file our taxes effortlessly.

Deel’s understanding of US compliance laws far surpasses anything we had previously. Not to mention their compliance experience in the countries where our contractors work. Their network of 30+ global legal partners and expertise in 170+ countries has proven invaluable.

All this makes our contractors’ lives easier as well. By getting them prepared early, we’re removing some of the burdens come tax time. Deel’s 24/7 team of support rockstars has been there to answer all our contractors’ tax questions and resolve document confusion.

Which leads us to one last point...

A+ Responsiveness and Support

Let’s be real. When it comes to issuing payments, our team brings a lot of oddities to the table. As a design studio, we leverage milestone payments, commissions, fixed rates, and hourly pay. Sometimes they’re all mixed together, making things even more complicated.

Over the past few months, the Deel team has absorbed all these complexities and found new ways to make our lives easier. We’re not talking about, ‘We’ll put it on our roadmap and see it through next year.” We’re talking, we’ve seen our feature requests implemented within weeks (sometimes days!) since our feedback. It’s incredibly reassuring to see our payments and compliance partner truly have our backs.

On a micro-level, the Deel support team has taken all our team’s inquiries in stride. They’ve dealt with a myriad of complicated questions and requests from our contractors. We’ve heard nothing but positive things from our team.

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

So there you have it. Our love letter to Deel. We hope it serves you well.

If you’re having doubts, this will hopefully put your mind at ease. If we had read this a few months earlier, it would have made our search a whole lot easier.

After a few short months, we’re convinced it was the right move for our team. Our managers are no longer pouring countless hours into weekly bookkeeping chores. We can rest easy during tax season. And our contractors have more payment freedom and confidence than ever.

Ready to take the jump? Want to be the next Deel success story? Request a demo today and join us. Tell them VBI sent ya.

That’s all folks. See you on the other side.

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