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Treat Yourself (or Your Team) in 2021 With Meaningful Gifts

February 20, 2021
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Christmas might be over (for some), but there is no reason to stop the gift-giving! Being a remote worker is hard, so why not treat your team, or yourself, with some meaningful presents that can help power through the new year. We wanted to create a list that's filled with useful presents because mugs and bottles of wine are so "last decade".

New year, new (improved) self

Learning doesn't stop when you get out of school. With fast-developing technology and information inflow, knowledge is something that we should invest in. In 2020, explore development opportunities that can help your team improve and master new skills.


  • Coursera has many (so many) great courses that are easy to digest and can be listened to anytime. Pay special attention to soft skills such as feedback, communication or negotiation, because they are beneficial for both professional and personal life.

Invest in wellbeing

Remote workers often lead a sedentary lifestyle, because they don't leave the comfort of their home that often. That can also mean they don't spend that much time moving or even paying attention to their wellbeing. Help them create some healthy habits!

  • Meditation apps like Calm or Headspace are a great choice to start this practice. It is easy to use and learn how to unwind and take some time for yourself.

  • Upright is a cool gadget that helps you keep your back straight when sitting. It nudges you every time you arch your back, which eventually helps your muscle memory learn how to sit up straight.

Fight loneliness and change the scenery

Working in PJs sounds fun, but it's not that great to spend every day by yourself. Every now and then, it's good to get out there and find a spot among people. It can help with expanding networks, exchanging ideas, and even finding inspiration!

  • Coworking spaces have become quite popular, and there are many to choose from in almost any city. From big networks such as Impact Hub and WeWork to smaller less-known spaces, your options are out there. The good thing is that most of them offer a free day pass to test the space and feel the vibe.


  • Conferences are a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people. On top of that, there are several conferences specifically designed for remote workers and digital nomads. With a quick online search, finding a conference nearby is quick and easy!

At Deel, we try to offer each other good opportunities to develop and feel satisfied at work. As some of us are using the things listed above (books, courses, and coworking spaces), we are sure they will make you and your team happy!

Happy holidays and have a great year ahead!

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