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Set Yourself Up For Success With These 7 Tools

February 20, 2021
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Oh great, another blog post telling me what I need to use!

Let me start by introducing myself- Hi, I am Anja, the person behind this blog post. I used to be a freelancer before I joined Deel. I remember my freelancing days as a time full of things happening. I am calling them “things” because A LOT was going on. Clients, papers all around, hours spent on online marketplaces, stress…

I consider myself a very organized person, but my freelancing endeavors challenged that quite a lot. So I spent some time trying to figure out what works best for me. Now, I am sharing my findings with you. No sponsored content, just me recommending things I enjoyed using! :)

Know Thy Time

Let’s face it, there are so many time-tracking software options out there. Each one fighting to get your attention :) I like Toggl because it’s straightforward and it looks fantastic. Also, they have a cool blog with tons of useful articles!

Key features:

  • Time tracking- duuh
  • Easy reporting
  • Great insights into how you spend your time

Make Your Tasks Beautiful

I am a huge fan of beautiful things :). Trello makes your to-do lists beautiful. It also makes dragging your tasks from “to do” card to “done” so pleasurable. You can create your own designs (if you are nerdy like me) or you can use some of the pre-made templates.

Key features:

  • Task tracking for individuals or teams
  • Flexible- make it to cater to your needs
  • Enables quick commenting

Clear Your (Virtual) Space

Everybody hates working in a messy environment. Unless you are an artist, you probably tend to keep your working station clean. So why don’t you do the same with your online working station? If done right, Google Drive can help you stay organized and quick in finding docs you need. It needs initial set up, but once you name all the things and start putting them in the right places, you are good to go!

Key features:

  • Easy to search for things
  • Share docs quickly with others
  • Nice and clean

You Shall Not Pass(word)

Raise your hand if you ever dreaded coming up with “a strong password”! It’s ok, we have all been there. Unless you are a maniac who can keep 100 different passwords in their head, you need a password manager. LastPass makes things quite easy, storing all your passwords under one roof.

Key features:

  • Keeps passwords, notes, etc. safe
  • Has a browser extension
  • Suggests strong passwords (thank God)

What Goes Around Comes Around

How many times did you forget to send a follow-up email? Or forgot to send an email at all because it needed to be addressed in a couple of days? I know… worry not, for there is a way to email like a pro! If you are using Gmail, Boomerang helps you take care of important communication.

Key features:

  • Reminders to follow up in case you don’t get a reply
  • Lets you schedule emails in advance
  • Saves you time spent on managing emails

Keep Your Momentum

What happens if you make a post-it note with all the tasks and then you can’t find it? To prevent that, try using Momentum Chrome extension. It’s a simple tool that displays your to-do list every time you open a new tab. It also offers pictures of nature’s most beautiful scenery combined with motivational quotes.

Key features:

  • Easy access
  • Beautiful to look at
  • Personal greeting whenever you open a new tab

Write Your Best(est) Work

Writing correctly can be hard, especially if you need to spell things like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. :) Although having a red underline all over your text can be annoying, writing things the way they are supposed is kind of a must. You don’t need to be a writer to enjoy Grammarly, as it is integrated into many everyday tools you use.

Key features:

  • Checks spelling and grammar
  • has Chrome integration (and more!)
  • A paid plan has improvement suggestions

So here it is — my get-your-things-together list. As I have said already in the beginning, these tools really helped me stay organized because they are easy to set up and easy to stick with.

Let me know if you used any of them or if you have something else that worked well for you. Also, be a good sport and share it with others who might find this article useful!

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