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Remote Work

Remote Worker’s “Hierarchy of Needs”

February 20, 2021
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Remote workers have their needs to feel secure, happy and fulfilled. This article takes the well-known Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and applies it to a modern remote worker. Enjoy!

Level 1: Physiological Needs

This is the basic level of needs. Apart from the standard food shelter, etc., every remote worker should pay special attention to two things:

Water — Make sure to stay hydrated. IHEREt may be funny for some, but hydration is often overlooked when you are sitting by your laptop all day. Your brain is mostly water anyway, so you want to keep your tank filled at all times.

Benefits: water improves concentration, maintains memory function, reduces stress and balances mood and emotions.

So take care of your body by sipping liquids all day! Here is your chance to apply all those fancy infused water recipes!

Rest — Are you racing time to finish a project? Does that mean you pull an all-nighter here and there? (Imagine us shaking our heads with disapproval!) Remote workers are more prone to being sleep deprived than any other professionals, due to flexible schedules, inconsistent working hours, etc.

Some sources claim that the longest attention span of adults is 20 minutes. You probably work a couple of hours in one go, and that is bad. This is why you need to rest and take breaks. Of course, you are not going to take naps every hour, but at least make an effort to get up and stretch.

Benefits: breaks increase productivity and creativity, helps with learning and information consolidation and even restore motivation!

So how about you take a little break after reading this article? :)

Level 2: Safety

This level covers slightly advanced needs. Looking at this through a remote worker lens, it’s crucial to be secure when working. And we don’t mean work hazard, we mean security for the work you do and getting paid for your work.

Deel is an all-in-one platform made for people who work remotely. It’s secure and perfect for any project. Create a legal contract with clients in minutes, remove the need for additional paperwork and get paid with no delays with a payment method of your choice — all that with one of the lowest fees in the industry.

Benefits: Deel helps you and your client stay focused on your work and not on administration. You will always be paid on time and have the whole payout process handled. Our transparent platform and support team will give you an overview of where your money is at all times. Learn more about how Deel can help you and your client.

Level 3: Love and belonging

Remote workers are often lone wolves, especially if their team is spread across the world. They rarely have physical contact with their teammates, as their communication is limited to Slack or virtual meetings.

Finding time and bonding with your associates is essential. Ask yourself, who well do I know the people I am working with? Start with the simplest things: When is their birthday? Do they have a pet? Where did they travel this year? The relationships you build will help you work and communicate better. Who knows, your next BFF might be working with you!

Level 4: Esteem

Ah, there is nothing more rewarding than scratching that last task from your to-do list! Every project, be it small or big, brings the beautiful feeling of accomplishment, once completed. The funny thing is, not all of us feel this way.

It may have happened to you that after a day of work you don’t feel quite accomplished. This is not a good practice, especially in the long run. How about the next time you are done for the day, you take 5–10 minutes and list down all the things you did that day. They can be as small as “I spent less time on social media” or as big as “I handed over work to my boss.” When you find them, take a moment and celebrate that.

Benefits: celebrating success releases endorphins, your motivation rises, and you feel good. Do you need more reasons? (We don’t, so we will just quickly do a happy dance for completing this paragraph.)

Level 5: Self-actualisation

This is the level when you reach your full potential. You will probably need to jump through some hoops to feel comfortable with your working style, but that’s ok. Soon you will realize this is the level where the magic happens.

Once you settle in as a remote worker, you will have the time (and resources) to focus on additional learning. Remember, you will probably never reach a point when you know everything about your work field. (If you do, please let us know, we would love to meet you! :) ) So keep improving yourself over and over again! Take a course, go on a retreat, conference, let your mind expand.

Benefits: by indulging yourself in life-long learning, you will increase your self-confidence, keep your mind sharp, and brain healthy. You will also be a role model for the people around you.

There you have it, our humble rendition of Maslow’s famous Hierarchy of Needs. We hope you enjoyed reading and will consider implementing at least one of the practices.

Do you have something to add? Drop it in the comments below and let’s have a conversation! Happy remote working!

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