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September 17, 2020
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Deel offers a one-click payroll for remote teams. It takes care of everything from onboarding, localized contracts, right of work document collection, tax forms, and invoice generation when hiring contractors. All that, while providing your team with the best payment experience across multiple payment methods and currencies.

The problem of hiring remote talent globally

There are a few challenges each company faces when hiring global talent. Having compliant contracts, ensuring the contractor's setup is adequate with regards to local regulations and whether or not you can pay them are the main ones. Template contracts found online might seem like a quick-fix solution, but there are multiple compliance risks that come with it. Every country has its own labor laws and regulations and every company needs to pay attention to it. Each contractor who is offering their services needs to set up their business properly, as an auto-entrepreneur, sole trader, etc. Having an onboarding process that takes into account both client's and contractor's labor law regulations is of paramount importance.

Deel's expertise is based on:

  • An experienced team of legal, finance, and technology experts
  • A minimal human error rate & more reliability
  • Partnerships with over 120 legal & tax companies

Three ways to hire internationally

  • Open a subsidiary: This option is the best although it comes with complications. It requires a large overhead and is quite costly, which makes it less optimal.
  • Open a PEO: having a third party responsible for managing and payouts locally.
  • Hire independent contractors: The easiest and most often used solution. However, it comes with various compliance risks, such as misclassification.

The option of hiring independent contractors seems to be the most popular one, albeit it is not 100% optimal. If you are among thousands of companies hiring independent contractors remotely, Deel's mission is to help you streamline compliance while mitigating the misclassification risks. However, if you want to hire full-time employees, Deel can help you with that as well. This service is still in private beta, but will be available in 70 countries upon launch! We do our best to make the compliance process seamless and give you the possibility to hire anyone anywhere.

Deel's unified compliance and payments platform does that in two ways:


On top of that, we provide 24/7 customer support and ensure top security for all users.

How Deel streamlines compliance

Localized Contract Templates

Labor laws vary for every country and staying on top of them is key to mitigate risks and avoid penalties. Deel offers compliant sample contracts tailored to your team.

Deel's contracts are:

  • Dynamically created based on both parties’ local laws and other critical parameters
  • Reviewed every quarter by a team of legal experts to stay ahead of local changes
  • Built to mitigate risks (i.e: misclassification, IP clauses, NDA)

Select from Deel’s three dynamic contract types based on your needs:


Deel Documents Collection

Working authorization and compliance documents are necessary and requirements vary in every country.

Collect all required documents to work compliantly

  • Whether your contractor works under a company or acts as an individual
  • Ensure they have the right license to work and get paid in their country
  • Collecting the right documents is key in case of audits, lawsuits, funding or acquisition

Deel's Legal & Tax partners globally

Deel partnered with more than 120 legal experts and tax advisors covering over 100 countries to keep up with law regulations changes and document requirements.

How Deel handles payments

On Deel, you pay the way you want and your team gets paid the way they want. It’s the best payment experience you’ll ever have.

Mass payment for clients

Set payments on Auto-pilot to run them automatically. Pay your team with a single click, the way you want (ACH, Wire, CC).

Easy withdrawal for contractors

  • Give full flexibility to your team in how they get paid
  • Our payout process is two-fold, allowing contractors to withdraw money in a payment method that is different than their client's
  • Contractors can get paid in over +100 local currencies with 10 payment providers such as Transferwise, PayPal, Payoneer, and more
  • Your team can split withdraw in instalments and have full control of their funds
  • Your team can automatically withdraw with the payment method of their choice


Deel's users particularly enjoy these features:

  • Fast payouts and withdrawal flexibility
  • Leave and absence management
  • Country-based compliance
  • Contract workflow
  • Contract management
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • Comprehensive security & rigorous compliance
  • Streamlined US tax compliance
  • 24/7 phone, chat, and email support
  • Bonus and expenses management
  • Accounting software integrations

Do you want to see Deel in action? Schedule a demo with our product specialist!

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Hiring remotely?

Legally hire anyone, anywhere in the world, run payroll in 100+ currencies.

Deel's partnered with 100+ labor law experts so you can pick from the library of localized contract templates and legally onboard your international teammate in minutes.

From onboarding to payroll, Deel team has you covered.