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Product Update: Contract editing, VAT, Direct BACS, Direct SEPA & More!

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August 20, 2020
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Hi Deel-makers,

We were busy in August and have some exciting updates for you! Take a look at the biggest ones.

📝 Contract template editing

This is a big feature! From now on, you can customize the contract template before you sign it. Add sections, move them around, and edit text. With smart fields, automatically populate the sections with the contract elements such as names, dates, payment amounts, etc. Here's more info.

edit Deel contract template

💰 Direct BACS and Direct SEPA payments

When we say one-click payments, we mean it! From now on, use direct BACS and SEPA payments to streamline the payment process as UK and European companies.

💲 Add VAT to your contracts

You can now add VAT % to the adjust amount section and keep it every time you make a payment to the contractor. Here's how.

add VAT percentage to contracts

🌐 Schedule off-cycle payments

You can now schedule an off-cycle payment and process it with the next Mass Payment.

schedule off-cycle payments

👩‍💻 Choose who submits work

We changed ‘Who can submit work’ flow. From now on, both parties can submit work. Also, you can change this while creating a contract, before or after signing it under contract details.

edit who can submit work

As always, if you have a feature request, send them our way!

Happy Deel-making!

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