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How to Attract Clients Through Online Channels

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December 9, 2020
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In one of our previous articles, we covered the five things you can do to attract more clients. Today we will talk about how you can attract future clients without ever leaving the comfort of your home. So sit comfortably and get ready to take some notes!

The usual suspects: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Let’s start with the basics- finding leads on social media has become almost modus operandi for many freelancers (and clients as well!). There is a different approach for each of the channels, so let’s dive right into it:

Facebook: Browse hundreds of freelance-related groups! You will find groups for virtually any niche and a welcoming community to support you along the way.

Instagram: It’s all about the hashtags on Instagram, and job hunting technique is no exception. Some of the general hashtags you can use are #remotejob #remotejobs #nowhiring #workfromhome #workfromhomejobs #onlinework. Make sure to use industry and niche specific for a more tailored feed.

Twitter search: Find out the latest freelance callouts using Twitter search. Additionally, make sure to follow popular industry-specific, freelance related hashtags, and even join #FreelanceChat to get to know the community.

Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date

Many believe that LinkedIn is not that popular (comparing to other channels), but you would be surprised to learn 90% of recruiters use it regularly.

It’s safe to assume that having an up to date profile is important. Even if you are not using it to post updates, spend some time making your profile look good. Include catchy descriptions- don’t tell who you are- showcase what you do and what you accomplished. If you are in the multimedia business, make sure to include a portfolio or work samples.

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Build a reputation by answering questions on Quora

If I can be biased for a second, Quora is one of my favorite online channels. You can find answers to all sorts of questions, from “What is the best way to get around Los Angeles?” to “Could you combine antihydrogen with antioxygen to make antiwater?”.

Start building your reputation by answering questions in your niche. When you are answering questions, don’t try and sell your service directly, but instead offer a piece of advice and leave the reference to your past/current work. You will receive requests to answer questions multiple times a day.

Create useful resources

This is arguably one of the best practices to land more prominent clients. Offering valuable resources such as Ebooks or guides and case studies shows both your professionalism and expertise. More often than not, it will be an instant showcase of your reputation, especially if you brand it for your business.

Once you have the resources, you should think about the distribution channels. SlideShare is a great place to put your presentations and case studies. With a little bit of research, you will find the best place for your content. Remember, if you have a clear picture of who your ideal client is, you are more likely to know where they would come across your content.

However, you choose to utilize online channels, keep in mind the following things:

  • Be personal: behind every brand are people. They are humans just like you and probably prefer a more personal approach when being contacted. This doesn’t mean you should go crazy with the emojis, though!
  • Be diligent: reaching out to potential clients is the first chance to leave a good impression, but there is so much more to it. Make sure you respond to their emails, questions and deliver the work within the deadline. Respect their time so they can respect yours.
  • Have an onboarding process: when you land a client, make sure you have a standardized process to gather input to provide your best work. It shortens the process and reduces the risk of misunderstanding.

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