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February Update: 2-FA, Time Off, Prorated Payments, CSV Improvements & More!

February 20, 2021
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February was busy for our team. Get ready for some really cool updates!

🔑 2-Factor Authentication

Add a layer of security to protect your Deel account. All users will be able to activate 2FA via Google Authenticator

📅 Time off request

Have all your ducks in a row, even when on holiday! Contractors will be able to request paid and unpaid leave and clients will be able to approve or add them.

📂 Expense Files

Need to include a receipt or proof of expense? Now you can! ****Add a file when logging an expense, and it will be attached to the invoice.

💰 Prorated First Payment

Do you have a contractor starting outside of a usual payment cycle? You can now set a prorated payment on the first payment of a contract.

💾 CSV Updating Improved

You can now update both Fixed and Pay as You Go contracts via CSV, and add anything from bonuses to expenses to store everything in one place.

📑 Pending Signature View

Never lose track of your contracts. For users who have more than 35 Deel contracts, we created a filtered view for signed and unsigned contracts.

P.S. In case you want to deep-dive into our payments flow, take a look at this.

We hope you like the new features! As always, if there is a feature you'd like to see, let us know.