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Deel Update: Payments, Invoices, Contracts & More!

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September 9, 2020
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Happy September! We shipped exciting features and wanted to share them with you.

Process payments before terminating a contract

We've made it easy for you to settle any outstanding payments before terminating a contract. With the new flow, you can process any payment regardless of the payment cycle.

See full breakdown of client fees & transaction costs for Mass Pay

We introduced a detailed breakdown of fees and transaction costs for each payment you make. You will see the exact conversion rates, transaction costs, and Deel subscription fees before making a payment.

Download invoices before paying

You can now download any invoice, including the ones that haven't been paid. We also introduced the following invoice statuses: Processing, Awaiting, Paid, and Off Cycle.

Pay per task on Pay As You Go contracts

We added the option to pay per task on Pay As You Go contracts. With this type of contract, you can set a different payment amount for each task.

One-click pay with your Transferwise account

If you have a Transferwise account, you can pay your team instantly without fees in USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, PLN, and SGD.

Use Mercury as a payment method

We know many of you are using Mercury bank, so now you can use it to pay your team on Deel instantly!

Hiring remotely?

Legally hire anyone, anywhere in the world, run payroll in 100+ currencies.

Deel's partnered with 100+ labor law experts so you can pick from the library of localized contract templates and legally onboard your international teammate in minutes.

From onboarding to payroll, Deel team has you covered.