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December 9, 2020
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Deel has partnered with 150 legal and tax experts in different countries across the world. We want to give our users easy access to the best local advice if needed.

When do I need legal help?

  • If you are unsure about local compliance and need additional support
  • If you are setting up a subsidiary and need local groundwork
  • If you want any legal advice for your company or contractors

How do I get in touch with legal partners?

You can search for a local expert on Deel's Legal Partners page. Once you find what you are looking for reach out to Christine, our Operations Manager at

Is legal help included in the Deel pricing package?

Deel's legal partner network services are outside the scope of Deel's offering, meaning that you will be charged based on their rates. However, some of our legal partners have offerings for Deel users.

I know a legal expert (or am one) who is interested in partnering with Deel, what do I do?

This sounds wonderful! Please fill in this short form if you are a legal expert and we will get back to you. If you want to suggest a legal partner, please email Alex ( and Yael (

There is no legal expert for my country, what do I do?

Deel is working relentlessly to expand the network of legal partners, so we're sure this will change quickly. You can always reach out to us and we will let you know once we have the right person.

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