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Companies Are Turning to Social Media When Hiring Contractors- Here’s Why

February 20, 2021
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More and more people seem to be looking for work opportunities through social media. With 2.77 billion users worldwide, the math is quite clear- this is the place to be. What’s interesting is that smaller companies (especially startups) often do headhunting this way rather than advertising on job portals. Why is that?

It costs less

Big companies usually invest in paid promotion, and you probably experienced numerous job offers in your feed. There is nothing wrong with that, but what happens when you don’t have the big budget for ads?

You turn to alternatives, most likely Facebook or LinkedIn groups. With communities offering short or long term projects growing on the daily, there are plenty to choose from. Posting a job in a group gives you targeted exposure and attracts many people. It’s a win-win situation, which leads us to the next point.

Getting to the right people is easier

Online job boards have become quite cluttered. It’s virtually impossible to stay at the top of the page for long (unless you want to pay for it). They almost have the efficiency of a billboard in a crowded street. If you decide to post on social media, you will be likely seen only by the people interested in what you have to say. Some people are even doing the job for you by tagging others who could be interested in your offer. So connecting seems to be the key.


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You get to connect with people

Companies are made of people, and they are on social media as well. When you post your offer in a group or do a Twitter callout, you will easily be seen by potential prospects. You have a chance to meet them and talk to the people you consider hiring. We all know how impersonal getting an email with a CV and motivational letter is. If you get a message on social media, you get to engage with a person and build instant rapport. Not to mention** you get a hint of who you are potentially working with**.


These suggestions are, of course, just suggestions. You know your recruitment system better than anyone. Just keep in mind all the work that goes into it, and consider a more targeted approach. You will maximize your effort and find the people who are eager to work with you.

Once you find a good fit for your needs, make sure to use a simple yet effective service for managing your global talent payouts. Deel makes contracts and payments easy, removing the hassle of paperwork. It’s a platform where you onboard your contractor in one minute and pay them out with a payment method of their choice.

All you need to do is process the payment through Deel, and the documentation, contract, taxes and everything else will be taken care of. If this sounds interesting, make sure to reach out for more details.