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Remote Work

26 Things Only Remote Workers Will Understand

February 20, 2021
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We all have our unique take on remote working. Some people enjoy the freedom sitting on a beach sipping mojitos while working, some enjoy the peace and quiet at home. Whether you are a seasoned remote worker or you're just getting started, there are things that seem to be common among us all. Our team at Deel has come up with a list of things that we find ourselves doing more often than not.

  • Making friends with the delivery guys, because you see them so often
  • Considering chores as daily exercise, because you don't actually have time to go to the gym.
  • Using your break time to do chores, because time is money

  • Being fluent in memes, GIFs, and emoji
  • Watching Netflix while on a lunch break without actually leaving your chair
  • Realizing it's 6 pm and you haven't had lunch because no one came to your desk to say "Wanna go for lunch?"
  • Resisting punching people when they say things like "So you just sit at home and pretend to work all day?"

  • "Hello? Can you hear me? Wait, let me switch to my phone"- Words you know too well
  • When you check if you look decent before a video call starts
  • Taking all your morning calls in PJs


  • Considering your coworkers friends even though you haven't met them all
  • Being nervous meeting your coworkers for the first time because you don't know if you should hug, high five or shake hands
  • Imagining how tall your coworkers actually are and then realizing they are way taller IRL
  • Having jealous friends because you can work from anywhere you want (even though you usually stay at home)

Image by Invisible Bread

  • Using your kitchen table instead of an office table to spice things up
  • Apologizing every time your dog barks in the middle of a meeting
  • Brainstorming out loud with your pet


  • Enjoying being an introvert because talking to people in person is too exhausting
  • Using dozens of tools as if they were Pokemon
  • Waking up to 1000 Slack notifications


  • Converting between 100 time zones in your head like a pro
  • Team retreats around the world
  • Taking amazing power naps in your own bed- "guilt-free" sleeping at work


  • Being glad you can enjoy home cooking every day, and yet you end up ordering most days
  • Keeping track of all the currency in your wallet
  • Becoming a black belt at luggage packing

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