Get $150 for every company that you refer to Deel

We would love your help to reach more businesses! Refer a business owner, and we’ll give you $150 for every company that pays their international team members with Deel.

Getting started is easy. Here’s how it works

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Get $150 for every business you refer

For every company that signs up via your link and processes $15,000 in payments, we’ll give you $150. Pretty sweet, right?

Here’s why international businesses love Deel

Get access to the World's best talent. Legally hire people in 160 countries

Whether you're looking to hire an employee in Germany or pay a contractor in Japan, Deel makes it effortless to onboard and pay your global team. You can forget about country specific laws and taxes, we’ve got it covered.

Stay focused on your business, we’ll make sure you’re compliant

From signing localized employment contracts to collecting tax forms, we automate everything. We partner with labor law experts in every country, so you can rest assured that your team is hired with local regulations in mind.

Pay contractors and employees with just one click, in 150 currencies

Pay invoices for contractors and handle payroll for your entire team, in just one click. We support payments in 150 currencies with 10 different payment methods, including PayPal, TransferWise and ACH transfers.

Manage hiring, onboarding and payments in one place. It couldn’t be easier

With Deel, you get one simple dashboard to manage everything in one place. Create and sign contracts, generate invoices, manage payroll and way more.

Is there anything else that I should know?

When will I get paid?

To get your reward, the company you referred needs to sign up via your unique link and process a total of $15,000 in payments. As soon as their payments hit $15,000, you will receive your $150 within 3 business days. The $150 reward does not apply for any company that has already had a demo with our sales team before you referred them.

How will I know if my referral has been successful?

We’ll let you know by email when a company you referred has signed up, and again when they process $15,000 in payments.

How will I get paid?

Your referral bonus will be paid into your Deel account. Then, you can withdraw the money in a currency of your choice, sending it back to your bank account via one of our supported payment methods. Sign up to Deel for free in just a couple of minutes here! Just make sure you use the same email address when you register as a Deel Affiliate.

How many companies can I refer to Deel?

You can refer as many companies as you like, there are no limits!